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Experience our unique craftsmanship

From recipes developed over the years, classics have emerged that you will find with every visit! Our pastries are unique and authentic. Local products and seasonal fruits inspire the team to create new pastries that are just as memorable as they are delicious.


To delight your loved ones, we offer personalized gift certificates available at our boutique.


Our pastries and treats stand out for the quality of their ingredients, the finesse of their taste, and their original decoration. 35% cream, pure cocoa butter chocolate, fresh fruit purees, and praline are just some of the ingredients that go into our cakes.

Wedding Cakes

Each wedding cake is unique and will make the newlyweds proud! Let us create a delicious, flavourful, and personalized wedding cake for you. We have several gift ideas for your guests.

Come and meet us to make this day as memorable and delicious as possible! 

Custom Cakes

For a birthday, a special occasion, or to celebrate a corporate event, our cakes will take on the colours and decorations of your choice.

Throughout the Seasons and Holidays

Each season brings different flavours. Our pastry chefs use all their talents and passion to showcase them!

The maple season makes our mille-feuilles, éclairs, and maple-flavoured Paris-Brest shine.

At Easter, chocolate takes the spotlight in all our displays: characters, candies, arrangements, and cakes of all kinds will dazzle you!

In the summer season, our light and refreshing mousses take centre stage, as well as our Lemon Chiffon and Raspberry Charlotte.

Autumn highlights our salted caramel and pumpkin in all its forms.

Finally, the exuberance of the holiday season pushes the team to excel every year: Yule logs, maple fudge, chocolate arrangements, gingerbread men, butter cookies are made with passion and meticulousness. The undisputed classic of the holiday season is our fruit and cognac cake! Macerated in cognac for several months, the fruits and nuts that compose it make it simply incomparable. You must taste it, skeptics will be charmed.

Chocolate Shop

Indulgence now has a name: La Petite Grange chocolates! The use of French Lenôtre chocolate is the foundation of all our chocolates.   Our pralines, filled chocolates, and truffles are simply pure delight! Over twenty varieties of filled chocolates will make your eyes roll back in ecstasy!  

Each celebration allows us to offer you tiered cakes and characters that are more original than the last. Bonbonnières and chocolate plates make appreciated hostess gifts! Let’s not forget our chocolate fudge and maple syrup cream fudge, they delight those with a sweet tooth!  

On-site, you’ll find a friendly interactive Chocolate Museum where you will learn a lot about the precious fruit of the cocoa tree enjoyed by all.