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Experience our unique craftsmanship

From recipes developed over the years, classics have emerged that you will find with every visit! Our pastries are unique and authentic. Local products and seasonal fruits inspire the team to create new pastries that are just as memorable as they are delicious.


To delight your loved ones, we offer personalized gift certificates available at our boutique.

Fine Food

If you are a gourmet, a food lover, or both, you will find all sorts of gems in our fine food store. Whether they are local or imported, you will be delighted by these fine and often exclusive products. The composition of gourmet baskets or gift bags varies according to your budget and needs. We also serve corporate clients.

Gift Certificates

To please your loved ones, we offer personalized gift certificates available at our boutique.

Cheeses and Charcuteries

At La Petite Grange, we take cheese seriously! Whether it is for a raclette dinner or a wine and cheese event, come taste our recommendations! Our counter is overflowing with cheeses from Quebec and imports. We can advise you and, most importantly, let you taste cheeses that will delight your nose and taste buds!

Our charcuterie counter is a must-visit! Try our homemade cooked meats without preservatives: roast beef, garlic roast pork, and especially our homemade ham! Traditional pâtés and game terrines will make your mouth water!

Our House Specialties

Our salted caramel is simply irresistible! Perfect for treating yourself or as a hostess gift!

Our maple syrup crystallized pecans are addictive! Once you have tasted them, you cannot get enough! They accompany cheeses, desserts, chocolate, and even salads!

Our fruit ketchup is also essential when serving meat pies or game meat.