Come and experience an immersive journey! 

Innovative, fun, informative, stimulating, and indulgent, that’s our new Chocolate Museum! Children, young and old, will enjoy discovering the history of cocoa and its artisanal production through games and entertainment that engage all the senses.

We warmly welcome families, on-site customers, or even spontaneous visitors, all of whom can enjoy the attraction: having fun and learning for free!

Discover the wonders of chocolate

The History of Chocolate

Explore the history of the cocoa bean and how it became today’s chocolate.

Discuss & Taste

This interactive tour is appreciated for the secrets it unveils, its online games, and the chocolates that are tasted there!

Learn the Trade

Take a peek into the workshop to see and learn how artisans craft pralines and chocolates.

Plan a nice family or group outing

The visit to the Chocolate Museum is offered in two ways:

Free Access: The Museum is accessible to everyone free of charge at all times. Playful and informative, it offers a space with games, quizzes, visual information, 3D reproductions, and a cocoa tree that produces chocolate! The fun continues with a QR code found on-site, directing you to games, quizzes, and a colouring book that you can download!

Behind-the-Curtain Experience: A video presentation showcasing the history of cocoa and its artisanal production in our chocolate factory, including a tasting of various chocolates (white, milk, and dark chocolate, as well as pralines). A fee of $5 +tx per person applies, and the visit is free for children who do not consume chocolate.

Reservations will be necessary for groups of 10 people or more. The paid visit lasts approximately 15-20 minutes.

For more information or to make a reservation: 1-877-371-3510

Kid's Game Zone

Come test your knowledge with our chocolate quiz and continue the fun by discovering our downloadable games and drawings!

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