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Experience our unique craftsmanship

From recipes developed over the years, classics have emerged that you will find with every visit! Our pastries are unique and authentic. Local products and seasonal fruits inspire the team to create new pastries that are just as memorable as they are delicious.


To delight your loved ones, we offer personalized gift certificates available at our boutique.

Artisanal Bakery

The artisanal bakery is at the heart of La Petite Grange! The aroma of freshly baked bread fills the air every morning. We use unbleached and locally sourced flours to make our breads. Our sourdough, crusty white, and whole wheat breads are made without added sugar or fat.

Every day, special breads earn their place in our display case, come and taste them, we will be happy to introduce you to them!

Pastries, Breakfast & Coffee

You can also indulge in pure butter pastries that the baker takes out of the oven every morning. Raspberry sidewalks, apple turnovers, pain au chocolat, and croissants are all equally delicious!

Stop by for your morning coffee with toast, a bowl of fruit salad, cheese, and our homemade cretons. Which coffee will you choose: espresso, latte, mochaccino, or cappuccino?

You’ll be delighted by our famous cookies! Our muffins are not to be missed. Generous and bursting with flavours, they will brighten up your mornings or meetings!

Our varieties