Over 20 varieties of pies are made in our kitchen using top-quality ingredients: real fruits, pure maple syrup, fresh nuts… nothing but the real deal!

Our meat pies, chicken pies, quiches, salmon pies, and pastries are ready for you, already baked, in our refrigerated displays. You will also find these same products frozen, so you can bake them at home.

Classics like Queen Elizabeth, date squares, brownies, petits fours, lemon Madeleines, and various cakes are always featured in our store.


Our homemade soups will warm your heart! Our refrigerated counter is filled with soups, stews, and a wide range of prepared dishes: meat sauce spaghetti, garlic cheese bread, baked beans, meat macaroni, and more! Just warm them up, and dinner is served!

For appetizers, spinach dip and shrimp mousse will be a hit!

In the summer season, our protein-packed meal salads and bruschetta are refreshing!

For the holidays, we make meatball stew with pork pâté and game meat pie. Reserve yours quickly!