Sandwich bar & Lunchboxes

Sandwich Bar

Our sandwich bar gives you the opportunity to pick the ingredients you like and watch us make your sandwich! We offer a wide range of preservative-free meat, such as homemade ham, roasted turkey, pork roast, salami, etc. We can then fill your sandwich to your taste with Swiss Gruyere cheese, fresh tomatoes, lettuce, alfalfa… We also have a wide range of homemade salads and our soup of the day will warm your heart!

Panini grill – Crispy on the outside and soft and flavourful on the inside

Our Panini grill turns the deliciousness of our sandwiches up a notch! Crispy on the outside and soft and flavourful on the inside, try our grilled chicken Panini on dried tomato bread, or our goat’s cheese and oven-roasted vegetables sandwich on black olives bread. You will ask for more (and more, and more)!

Corporate and individual lunchboxes

Our lunchboxes are perfect for any corporate luncheons or meetings. Our generous portions will please all food lovers and our take-out menu is a crowd pleaser. You can order by phone and we have a delivery service available.