Pies & Delicacies

Delicious pies

Marcelle made her mark as a cook with her delicious pies. Nowadays, more than 20 kinds of pies are baked in our kitchen and are still made from quality ingredients: fresh fruits, pure maple syrup, crisp nuts… nothing artificial! Throughout the years, other pie products were added: pork and veal meat pies, chicken potpies, fresh salmon pies, quiche, tomato pies, flaky pastries, etc.

Generous savoury deserts

You won’t know what hit you once you’ll see all the delicacies we have in store! Rediscover the Queen Elizabeth cake, date squares, brownies (our caramel brownie is simply heavenly), pure butter petit fours, all sorts of cookies, meringues, pudding cakes, etc. Our generous and tasteful muffins are a must for your mornings or work meetings!