La Petite Grange through the seasons – Events

  • Maple Season

    Maple season is one of the busiest at La Petite Grange! It’s all about sugar with our delicacies made from pure maple syrup. Our bakers, pastry chefs, chocolate makers and cooks honor the product of the season by integrating it in different recipes:

    • Mousse
    • Pudding cake
    • Brioche bread
    • Danish
    • Maple Napoleon
    • Chocolate
    • Dressing
    • Crystallized pecans
    • Pie
    • Muffin

    We also have the line of Bio-Délices products, complete with the syrup, butter, jelly, granulated sugar, as well as other maple syrup delicacies made from local producers.

  • Easter

    For Easter, it’s chocolate, chocolate and nothing but chocolate! We use Lenôtre pure cocoa butter chocolate at 70% cocoa mass, as well as milk chocolate at 36% cocoa mass. We are proud to be using top-of-the-line couverture chocolate. Come in store and it will be our pleasure to have you taste our different chocolates. Our whole team is dedicated to making the best cakes, characters, set pieces, pralines and chocolates of all kinds. Our store becomes a true chocolate show!

    We also make traditional lent buns… Even though they are a little decadent for lent! Our Easter eggs are delicious and make for beautiful centerpieces! Make sure to reserve them in advance!

  • Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

    There is no better way to celebrate the most important people in your life than with our unique cakes. Come sit with us and we can even personalize a cake for you. You can also choose from one of the mouthwatering cakes displayed in our carousel.

    Our gourmet baskets can also be personalized for this special day. Our packages can either be more feminine or masculine, depending on whom you are celebrating.

  • Special Events

    There is always a party going on at La Petite Grange! All kinds of tasting, BBQ, Swiss cheese raclette, Gourmet Village… Come celebrate with us and have fun eating!

  • Halloween

    Kids of all ages all have a laugh when they see our delicious Halloween treats! Spider-shaped cakes, bleeding cupcakes, chocolate scarecrows… Scary, but tasty!

  • Christmas & New Year’s Eve

    Wonderful exuberance! It is time of the year when we put out the most colorful and appealing delicacies! Our Christmas logs are exquisite, but you must come early to get yours! The undeniable star of the Holidays is our cognac fruitcake! The fruits and nuts contained in the cake macerate for months in cognac, so it is unlike any you have tasted before. It also comes in many different shapes: wreath, Christmas tree, etc. We also offer different sizes, or we can cut it to your taste. Our cognac fruitcake is truly unique. Once you get a taste of it, you will be asking for more!

    Our whole team is dedicated to making your Holidays as tasteful as possible. We create a plethora of products in order to make everything simpler and more elegant for you!

    • Meat pies
    • Potpies
    • Quiches
    • Pies
    • Christmas logs
    • Saint-Honoré
    • Egg pan bread shaped as Christmas trees, braids, wreaths and candy canes
    • Fine cheeses and charcuterie especially made for the Holidays
    • Chocolates and gift packages of all kinds

    For our corporate clients, we have gourmet baskets for all budgets. Come meet us and we will get you what you need. We can also make custom baskets, so yours is truly unique.

  • Epiphany

    Do you know about the twelfth-night cake? At La Petite Grange, this tradition is as alive and delicious as ever!  Find the bean that will turn you into the king or queen of the night! Our almond and raspberry cake is simply exquisite.