Cheeses & Charcuteries

Home cured charcuteries

You cannot miss our charcuterie counter! All of our meats are home cooked and contain no preservative: from our roast beef, to our garlic shoulder butt roast and our undeniable Homemade Ham! You can choose from a large selection of charcuteries: roasted turkey, salamis, cured beef, prosciutto, Lyon rosette sausage, etc. We also have mouthwatering traditional pâtés and game terrines!

Charcuteries at the sandwich bar

You will be able to choose your own homemade deli meats to make your own sandwich! An explosion of flavours every time, and a meal on the go that meets your expectations.

Quebec and imported cheese

At La Petite Grange, we are a little obsessed with cheese! For a raclette or a wine and cheese night, do not hesitate to ask for our expert advice! Our counters are full of cheeses from Quebec and Europe. We can give you tips and, most importantly, make you taste the cheeses that pique your taste buds’ – and your nose – interest! We offer an impressive range of cheeses: raw or pasteurized cows’, goat’s or ewe’s milk cheese. Let us lead you on a gustative and gourmet journey through cheeses from around the world!

Try our maple-crystallized pecan nuts with your cheeses… They’re wonderful!

Wines & Ciders

There is nothing better than a nice wine or cider to accompany the delicacies you can find here! We sell the delicious ciders from the Cidrerie du Minot, in Hemmingford, which harmonize perfectly with cheeses and charcuteries at any time during the meal, from the appetizer, all to way to the dessert. We also offer a whole range of Italian wines from private importations. Apple must and sparkling wines are also available!