The bakery is the heart of La Petite Grange! Every morning, a fresh bread aroma fills the store! All of our breads are made with unbleached flour, and most of them do not contain added sugar and fat. Everyday, our baker wakes up before dawn to passionately bake many different kinds of bread: whole wheat, French, flaxseed, sourdough country, raisins gourmet, honey and hazelnut, old Cheddar cheese, tomato and chives, tomato focaccia… Our bread is made with a clear love for good food and reflects the heartwarming atmosphere felt in the store.


The pastries created by our baker outdo one another in deliciousness: pear and 70% chocolate Danishes, almond pretzels, strawberry glasses, cinnamon knots… Our pure butter pastries melt in your mouth and explode with flavor.